Receding Hairline in Women Causes, Black, Hide, Treatment and Remedies


A receding hairline in woman is a progressive type of hair loss among women in the today world. A female receding hairline temple causes distress and loss of self-esteem.

receding hairline in women
Receding hairline in women

Although the condition is quite common among men, it can also occur among women. Receding hairline women temples is usually marked by a widow’s peak where your front hairline forms a V-shape pattern.

There are several causes that can lead to female hair loss frontal hairline. The article explores some causes such as hormonal changes, genetics, aging and other conditions. You can also get insight about thinning hairline female treatment as well as receding hairline treatment products.

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Receding Hairline in Women Meaning

The medical term for receding hairline is frontal fibrosing alopecia. This is a condition that causes thinning of hairline up to five inches. You will notice a band like the pattern of hair loss around your scalp.

According to medical research by a dermatologist in WebMD, the scalp condition is quite common among men than women. This does not rule out that women cannot experience this.

This scalp hair loss along the hairline is common among women who are their 30s to 60s year. The condition rarely occurs among females at their 20s. Have you ever seen female receding hairline at 20? Yes, but it is less common.

Frontal hair loss is also common among young black women due to dynamic hairstyles and lifestyles. Discover some of the causes, treatment products, treatment and natural remedies for thinning hair along the hairline.

Receding Hairline in Women Causes

What causes female hair loss at temples? The following are some of the possible causes of hair loss along the hairline. They include:

  1. PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

This is a medical condition that usually affects the working state of the female ovaries. The condition causes an imbalance in hormones in the body as well as heart diseases and diabetes.

The condition is also marked by the development of a small cyst on the ovaries, oily skin or acne, thinning hair and hair loss from the head.

  1. Genetic predisposition

Generally, the main cause of frontal hair loss is genetics. In case you have a gene of baldness running in the family, the chances of hair loss on the hairline are high. There is little that can be done to keep the hair loss at bay.

The hair follicles along the hairline are said to be most sensitive to (DHT) dihydrotestosterone hormone. Therefore, if you have the gene of baldness, then you are susceptible to hair thinning out along the hairline.

  1. Side effects of certain medicines

There are certain medications after undertaking for a long period of time may result in the loss of hair along the hairline or the whole scalp. Some of the common medications are those used to treat gout, cholesterol, depression, heart disease, and blood pressure.

You may also experience large-scale hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment in case you are a cancer patient. This condition may last for a long period even after finishing treatment plan.

  1. Hormones

Receding hairline is determined by the presence or absence of the dihydrotestosterone hormone. The hormone is generally known for the side effect of the hair growth along the hairline.

The hormone also causes shrinking of hairs along the hairline hindering the growth but facilitate thinning out. You will also notice a bald like pattern along the hairline due to stunted growth of hair.

  1. Stress

Poor general health can occur due to excess accumulation of stress in the body that can hinder major body processes. However, different people respond to stress in different ways.

Some people will increase intake of alcohol and drug in order to counter the stress. All those activities undertaken by people will result in visible hair loss on the temple of the head as well as along the hairline.

  1. Poor nutrition

This will result in lack of important nutrients in the body due to poor diet. Some of the common symptoms of a poor diet are changes in the appearance of skin and loss of hair.

  1. Too much chemical use

There are certain beauty products such as hair gel that is linked to hair loss. Also, prolonged use of these hair products in large amounts can lead to hair loss along the temple as well as the hairline and even the whole scalp.

  1. Infection of the scalp

The attack of the scalp by the ringworms and dandruff can cause breakage of the hair follicles in the affected patches. Fortunately, most of this infection on the scalp can be treated but they do have a long-term side effect.

  1. Pregnancy

Low level of estrogen and high level of progesterone is quite common among pregnant women. These changes usually result in different effects where hair loss becomes one of them. However, this is usually not the case among many women.

  1. Alopecia areata

This is a body condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicles and then leaves some patches on the skin without hair. Some of the common symptoms include smooth and bald patches on the scalp skin.

Signs of Receding Hairline in Women

People suffering from frontal fibrosing alopecia may experience a scarred strip along the hairline due to inflamed and redden hair follicles. Hair loss may be temporal or permanent depending on the cause. Here are some of common signs and symptoms associated with receding hairline:

  • Loss of hair on the whole body

Chemotherapy treatment of cancer can result in loss of hair on the whole body including the scalp. However, the hair usually grows back after some time.

  • Sudden loosening of hair on the head

You can easily loosen your hair by a physical or emotional shock. You may lose a handful of hair when washing, combing or tugging. This kind of hair loss usually causes overall hair thinning and not bald patches.

  • Presence of circular or patchy bald spots

This kind of hair loss is quite common on the scalp but can also occur on the beards or eyebrows. The condition can also trigger itchiness as well as pain before falling out of hair.

  • Gradual thinning of hair on top of head

Aging among men and women usually experience this gradual loss of hair on the scalp. Most men will begin experience hair loss on the forehead that looks like letter M. Women will typically retain the hairline on the forehead but have a broadening of the part in their hair.

Receding Front Hairlines in Black Women

Black women are mostly affected by this epidemic hair loss. Most of them do experience receding frontal hairline.

Some of the common causes of receding front hairlines among black women (African American women) include:

  1. Stress

Hair follicles can become toxic due to excess stress and this may result in falling out of hair. During stress period, most black women tend to lose more hair at a high rate. It is recommended to find out the best way to get rid of stress rather than pulling them out.

  1. Use of birth control pills

The use of birth control pills has a certain negative side effect on the body such as loss of hair among African American women. These pills make the hormones that suppress ovulation to trigger thinning out of hair.

Other medications linked to hair loss include blood thinners and medicines that treat high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and depression.

  1. Childbirth

During pregnancy, there are certain hormones that help to keep resting hairs from falling out. However, after childbirth, the hormones changes and they will no longer help to keep the strand of hair standing instead they begin to fall out.

  1. Alopecia Areata

This is a scalp condition that results in hair loss. It occurs when the immune system attacks the hair follicles causing them to fall out. In most cases, the damage is not permanent.

  1. Thyroid problems

Generally, most thyroid glands are located along the neck. These glands are responsible for the production of hormones throughout the body. Imbalance in the production of hormones by the glands will result in interference of hair growth cycle.

  1. Front hairline recession from PCOS

Most black women with PCOS usually experience a chronic hormonal imbalance. These women will have a higher level of androgen in the body.

This often causes extra hair to sprout on the face and body, while the hair on the scalp grows thinner. PCOS normally results into thinning of hair.

How to Hide a Female Receding Hairline

Before seeking any form of treatment, there are numerous hairstyles that can help to hide the hair loss along the hairlines. Some of the common hairstyles include:

  • Messy Ponytails & Buns for receding hairlines
  • Cut it off to get rid of receding hairline
  • By designing your hair and let it naturally fall on your face.
  • Avoid pulling your hair back.
  • Go for loose and messy traditional ponytail.
  • Use Blunt and straight bangs
  • Use shorter haircuts.

Receding Hairline in Women Treatment

When dealing with front hair loss female remedy, various methods can be used depending on the cause of hair loss. It is recommended to go for early diagnosis and treatment to help curb further hair loss.

Some of the common female hair loss treatment includes the following:

  1. Hair strengthening conditioners and shampoos

It is recommended to go for anti-hair fall conditioners and shampoos such as Nature’s Gate Biotin Shampoo that will help to curb recession of hairline.

Strengthening hair care products can help in nourish your hair roots, promote new growth and fortifying your hair shaft to make it strong.

  1. Hair transplant

In case you have tried all sort of treatment and they do not work, it is recommended to go for hair transplant. Your healthcare provider will assess and let you know if hair transplants will be of help.

  1. Usage of Minoxidil and Propecia

It is advisable to buy Minoxidil that is meant for women and it will help to reduce hair loss. It also recommended understanding their side effects before using them. Minoxidil has been found to help in vertex and crown hair regrowth.

  1. Usage of Levothyroxine Treatments

If you are suffering from a thyroid problem, you will be given Levothyroxine that helps to deal with the problem thus combating hair loss on the whole scalp or hairline.

  1. Hormone Therapy

This is a hormone injection pill, supplements etc. that help to cure hormone deficiencies resulting in receding front hairlines in women. Hormonal therapy or anti-hormone therapy can also be referred to as treatment hormone antagonists.

Receding Hairline Remedy

Female receding hairline natural treatment includes the following home base remedies:

  • Head massage

Improving the flow of blood on the scalp is achieved through massaging. The head massage ensures the scalp skin and hair is supplied with the required nutrients.

  • Reducing stress levels

Excess stress in the body can result in loss of hair and poor health in general. Leading a healthy lifestyle should help you to do away with stress and preserve your hair.

  • Clearing the pores on the follicles

It is recommended to remove sebum that is produced on the scalp every now and then. However, if it overstays on the scalp, it will get mixed with pollutants and hair products to create a toxic layer that will attack the hair follicles and prevent the growth of hair.

  • Avoid alcohol

It is recommended to stop intake of alcohol and use of alcohol hair products in order to have a healthy scalp. Alcohol can dry up your scalp leading to the chocking of hair follicles.

  • Increasing intake of amino acids

It is advisable to increase the number of amino acids in your diet in order to help boost the amount of collagen and keratin in the body. This is when you notice hair loss on your scalp. These are the building blocks of hair, nails and the skin.


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